Monday, January 26, 2015

From entertainment site THE WRAP: latest commenter dialogue on Bill Cosby's misdeeds.

Selected comments following THE WRAP's article
on the latest accusation of Bill Cosby as rapist (this time from Cindra Ladd, wife of former Ladd Company studio head Alan Ladd Jr.)
I'm sorry but note to these ladies your 15 minutes is up. I do feel sorry for whatever might have happened, but the career of Bill Cosby is officially over and there is no need for more women to come and tell their stories 30 years after the event. Let's move onto something else please.
I actually disagree. The more people like this, who come forward protect and support the other allegations. Clearly, Cindra Ladd doesn't need money or fame or attention. She's coming forward to support the other women and it needs to happen.
He is still performing. People still greet him as if he has something to offer the world
It's truly disgusting. His whole persona was built to drug and rape women.
That's true. In spite of a celebrity's proven loathsomeness there's always a lingering rabble of diehard fans: brutal cynics, cold-blooded skeptics, and clueless idiots. But what kind of fan base is that?

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