Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I took a good look around my hometown
of vacant lots and empty buildings
but drove too slow and a policeman followed me
in a police SUV up to a stop sign
where the driver to the right
ran through another stop sign
and the policeman didn't chase that driver
but turned right after we turned left
we then drove to the family home
after passing by junior high
turned into eight-year school
because someone persuaded the town
to close the elementary school
and build what looked like converted trailers
on the junior high property
the billboards on the highway
paint my hometown
as a cozy place
where tourists can exit
and spend an hour or two
once upon a time,
until around 1969,
it qualified as that place
now take a good look around
then see the policeman behind you
and prepare to maybe get a ticket
so the town can have money
to keep breathing

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