Sunday, April 26, 2015


first an all-American athlete,
then a star of television
both scripted and unscripted--
making efforts worthy of Hercules
to stifle inner beauty and
live up to other people's
competing versions of 
What He Should Be
Who He Must Be
now, he's transitioning to her
and, at the same time,
revealing the political conservatism
we guessed was always there
here's a forlorn regret
that the transition reality series
could have taken place
somewhere away from the Empire of Kris
and the entertainment news channel
which once tried to mock
Anna Nicole Smith to death
but at least he's bringing a lot of America
out of the kind of darkness
where men in women's clothing
and women in men's bodies
were greeted with revulsion
and repulsive behavior
into a light where they regain humanity
and their lives are worthy
of everyone's respect

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