Monday, April 6, 2015

When ROLLING STONE grades/re-grades rock artists on a curve.

Links to various album reviews that have appeared in ROLLING STONE demonstrating the magazine's determination to "come through" for artists delivering albums that aren't universally acclaimed on original release.

First, founder Jann Wenner pre-emptively strikes critics of Bob Dylan's 1979 gospel album SLOW TRAIN COMING:

Last year, David Fricke overrates Bruce Springsteen's grab-bag HIGH HOPES:

Paul Nelson's lukewarm review of The Rolling Stones' SOME GIRLS:

The above is later reversed by Rob Sheffield's gooey, gushy five-star review of its reissued version:

Greil Marcus dismissing Bob Dylan's 1978 STREET-LEGAL:

Jann Wenner throwing Nelson and Marcus under the bus for not bowing to Greatness:

Finishing with the all-time-classic miscue of Parke Puterbaugh giving The Who's IT'S HARD five stars in 1982:

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