Thursday, June 4, 2015

Why, Gatsby Books, Why?

This past weekend, I received an e-mail which contained the sentence below:
The Best-Loved, Independent Bookstore in Long Beach  is Still Lummox-Free!
My attempt at a translation:
The proprietor of Lummox Press (someone I gave up on after being embarrassed by him during two publication readings for the LUMMOX #2 issue a year previous) had difficulties with the Gatsby Bookstore in Long Beach CA.  And he is still not allowed even to have "the best-loved independent bookstore in Long Beach" carry the books by the authors/poets he publishes--because the store doesn't care for him.

Having been the object of banishment myself, I empathize with the Lummox publisher's plight (regardless of how I feel personally). 

And I find it rather childish and unprofessional of the Gatsby Bookstore to trumpet its alleged moral superiority in e-mail advertisements.

Not to mention the store's willingness to punish Lummox poets/writers by association.

Whether or not the Lummox publisher is ever allowed in Gatsby again is up to the store.

But Lummox Books should have the chance to be sold there.

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  1. I learned I'm banned from there as well. I have no idea why. Funny thing is, I don't really care.