Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Young man with bowl haircut
Takes an hour to wrestle with
Evil compulsion vs temptation
To embrace Good and become friends
With nice strangers he meets
At Bible study
Before worrying about losing face
Battle flag is objected to
Only after hideous murder spree
Makes Republican leaders think
What about the Optics?
What about the Election?
How to keep courting the Bigot vote?
Governor Nikki tries balancing act
Assuring racists they can still fly Battle flag
On their own private property
While deciding it’s Time to declare Battle flag
Public eyesore
Calling for state decision to be made soon
Take the Battle flag
Bury it in a coffin
Use the same padlock
That sealed it
To the state flagpole
And everyone pray in unison
To go forward
And stop the nostalgia
For slavery
For self-pity over Reconstruction
For Klan terrorism
For Segregation
Let the madness disintegrate

And never rise again

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