Friday, January 15, 2016

Facebook commenter on Donald Trump's appeal.

From commenter Ryan Hartman re a Facebook post by Patton Oswalt on the likelihood of a Donald Trump fade after last night's GOP debate:

Trump has one dangerous weapon in that he is unapologetic. And that appeals to a lot of people. This idea that the individual is greater than the whole nowadays is terrifying. Where you can't say or do anything because one person somewhere might take offense.

When did personal offense become the worst thing in the world?

Well he doesn't give half a shit. And he spews insane garbage, but he's ballsy enough not to care who complains about it. It's probably the one thing that you have to tip your hat towards.

Still, he was only ever a bear on a unicycle. The media reported on him because he's saying crazy shit. The volume of shit escalated the volume of reporting, and all of the sudden we turned around and thought he was popular just because he was always on the news - but he was popular in the way a 10 car pile up is popular.

Sure, we all stop and look at it, but it doesn't mean we liked it.

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