Friday, November 4, 2016

Don't throw away your vote on Donald Trump.

A lot of people I grew up with in Wichita County TX (and some of them now live in other parts of the state or other states entirely) believe in the anti-Big Government myth of the Republican Party and are likely to pull the straight-ticket lever out of habit.

Some of them (regardless of religious beliefs) have probably rationalized their need to vote for Donald Trump in this way: "He's not perfect, but, then, he's not Hillary Clinton either."

Donald Trump may be loud and coarse and say incorrect things, but he's not one of you.

Donald Trump isn't going to improve the lives of people suffering from poverty.

Donald Trump isn't going to wave a wand and reverse the dying coal industry.

Donald Trump won't bring back jobs destined to be forever lost--and likely won't support job retraining either.

Donald Trump sees poor people only as a fanbase to wave to from a distance before
he boards a plane with the TRUMP brand and flies to the next town.

Donald Trump won't give you a living wage.

Donald Trump is the imperfect vessel the Republican Party is clinging to--in hopes that a Trump victory will restart the wrecking ball to government and social programs (aka "spending cuts") last seen knocking things over en masse during Ronald Reagan's Presidency.

If you're rich (or very rich), Donald Trump will care about you and see that legislation benefiting only you (and no income brackets below you) will be passed.

In summary, Donald Trump is just a bullying fake using your prejudices, your anger and sorrow over lost jobs and lower income and disappearance of certain "ways of life" to get you to pull a voting lever and, likely, fill the Breitbart empire's mail/e-mail lists with valuable information about you and your beliefs.

Don't let Donald Trump use and discard you.

Don't throw away your vote this Tuesday by falling for a fantasy that does not exist at all whatsoever.

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