Wednesday, November 30, 2016


werewolf takes the wheel
of the bus called America
and drives it first
to the Canadian border
yelling over the PA:
get out you sensitive liberals
who keep telling me
I can’t make money off my brand
while I’m President
then, after the forcible ejections,
the werewolf locks the doors
and speeds to the Mexican border
and shouts over the PA:
get out you people who aren’t citizens,
aren’t white,
and are those I don’t want to spend time
deciding who’s a good American
and who might be an enemy combatant
now that the bus is almost empty,
the werewolf and his wealthy supporters
feast on gourmet frog legs,
take a leisurely journey to New York City,
the new capital of the USA,
since the White House
has been sold by executive order
and will become
superexclusive luxury condos
for the biggest donors
and other people wanting the werewolf
to bite them in all the right ways

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