Friday, June 20, 2008

The critique of Tim Russert you likely won't hear Keith Olbermann complain about.

Last night on COUNTDOWN, Keith Olbermann fulminated over a NEW YORK POST Page Six item regarding the jockeying for Tim Russert's hosting job on MEET THE PRESS.  Keith blew a gasket over gossip that claimed that he would "quit" if not chosen as MTP host.

Given that the online journal SLATE is now run by The Washington Post (entangled with both MSNBC and NEWSWEEK), it's unlikely you'll hear Olbermann vent his distaste with this SLATE story by Jack Shafer about the apparent quid-pro-quo "here's some tidbits about Washington movers-and-shakers you might like" exchanges regarding Russert and uberconservative columnist Robert Novak:


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