Thursday, June 19, 2008

MOVE-ON's "Alex" ad--propaganda everyone can hate.

Full disclosure: I occasionally give money to

And, unlike some pundits, I didn't have a problem with last year's MoveOn print ad which had the headline GENERAL PETRAEUS OR GENERAL BETRAY US? regarding Petraeus being a Trojan Horse for George Butch, Jr.'s Iraq policy.

But this ad with a smug yuppette holding a baby--and telling John McCain "you can't have him" breaks the camel's back for me:

Yes, there is a need for ads about the mostly-under-the-radar determination of the U.S. to stay in Iraq and to ensure its soldiers and contractors not answer to Iraqi law.  But the current MoveOn campaign plays directly into the hands of those pro-war conservatives who think that liberals are effete, out of touch and willing to let those with lesser incomes and levels of education do the fighting for them.

It may be one thing to film a propaganda "don't kill my baby" ad with an actress who looks like she's struggling to make each month's rent and other vital expenses, such as food and transportation.  But the current MoveOn ad--appealing to yuppie entitlement and an "I can afford to not be touched by random violence" ethos--is, frankly, appalling--and may be one of the few things in this election year that will bring both liberals and conservatives together.

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