Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A guide to poetry venues: from the POETIX site.

This entry concerns a link to a list of poetry venues from the POETIX site that have been vetted for quality by the writer, who also provides the calendar of venues, readers and dates that can be found on the site.

Some of the venues listed are those where, if you want to rise in the hosts' esteem, you'd better present yourself as a Chicken McNugget eager to absorb the wisdom that will transform you into Cordon Bleu. 

But, caveats aside, the writer's list of favorites are probably the most prominent venues in this current phase of poetry, where satisfying others' notions of "quality" count for more than actually listening to what people have to offer.

(Here's the link to the POETIX piece:

Or to recall something Jack Nicholson allegedly said to legendary acting coach/character actor Jeff Corey:

"You don't recognize [or realize] the poetry I'm giving you."

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