Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Adding my voice to the no-to-AIG chorus.

One can't help but wish that the ghost of Moe Howard, leader of The Three Stooges, would appear on Earth to administer a few slaps and head-bops to Christopher Dodd and Edward Liddy. And extra slaps to the too-cautious Tim Geithner and Larry Summers as well.

Don't forget to read Matt Taibbi's long-but-explanatory article about the current financial mess--and AIG's key role in it--in the current issue of ROLLING STONE (the one with GOSSIP GIRLS Blake Lively and Leighton Meester on the cover).

Taibbi still has his Achilles heel of disdain for blue-collar America (sort of like Gene Kelly playing H.L. Mencken railing about "all-American idiots" in the 1960 film of INHERIT THE WIND), stereotyping over-their-head-in-mortgages-they-can't-pay-back homeowners as meth-addicted boobs.

Look past Taibbi's occasional spasms of condescension and you'll find a chilling tale of how Wall Street gambles with your money--and has no intention of changing its ways or giving up its opulence. And our current administration doesn't want to get too tough with the high-living titans and their destructive incompetence (and to be fair, a McCain administration likely wouldn't be any better)--because they "know things" about their complex money-castles-in-the-air that "ordinary" people don't.

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