Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Screenwriter talks about wanting to screw up SUPERMAN.

I found the above link by wandering on to the fanboy-friendly Rotten Tomatoes site. I fear that the screenwriter I won't mention by name (he helped give the world last year's supersilly WANTED), probably thinks the SUPERMAN franchise needs a big shot of "dark" and "edgy."
(Certainly the Cinematical writer buys into the idea that, because of the success of THE DARK KNIGHT, the public wants all superhero fare to be similar in approach.)

In my opinion, Bryan Singer's SUPERMAN reboot from a couple of years back was a sound concept (continuing the Richard Donner reverence-laced-with-humor approach and pretending the latter two Christopher Reeve entries didn't happen); it just erred in being overlong and, at times, oversomber.

Rather than opting for "dark", it wouldn't hurt for Warner Brothers to refine the Singer approach--with, say, Jon Hamm as Clark Kent/Superman.

Trust me, the audience will be there.

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