Sunday, May 2, 2010

I just can't quit reading The Rooster from Wooster's blog.

Imagine a poet who is so aesthetically conservative, it emanates from him like the scents of curry powder or garlic. And imagine that poet longing for a more raucous past--though he's comfortable these days with controlled readings and controlled poets.

As that great philosopher/trickster Duke the dog from the Bush's Beans commercials might say:
"It's just crazy!!!!"
[UPDATE 5/3/10: On Victor's blog I made a reference to another poet which I later conceded was unnecessary--his response was to throw the word "bully" at me. So I include here comments of mine, followed by his response:
To be truthful, there are some insightful entries you write here--and I value your opinions on all things comic-book, Neil Gaiman, etc.But on the subject of poetry, you can be so fatuous on occasion that irreverent responses are warranted. Your original entry makes me imagine Mitt Romney longing for a tab of Blue Sunshine.If you want to be a shaper of poets and poetry, then feedback you don't want to hear will come with the territory.
You gratuitously insult people until they to pay attention to you. You're a bully. Sorry to be the one to point it out.As always, I don't care a whit what you do, and only take exception when you use my space to needlessly insult people who've done you no harm. Gratuitously insulting people is what your blog is for.
There you have it. I'm a bully.]

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