Friday, May 28, 2010

RIP Gary Coleman.

Upon hearing about the too-young passing of Gary Coleman at 42, I'm reminded of the time I laughed at a (possibly staged) setpiece on an early episode of THE SURREAL LIFE (during its' stint on the then-WB network) where Coleman was pestered by Vanilla Ice to do the "What'chu talkin' about, Willis?" catchphrase.

Now, I'm regretting my earlier laughter.

Safe to guess it's absolute hell to be a child star and peak early and be discarded by the Industry once you age out of your "cuteness."

And, when your body stays childlike due to physical ailments, the hell is multiplied.

Any time Coleman had public tantrums or was prodded by showbiz media to have more tantrums to give them "good TV", the hell multiplied exponentially.

RIP Gary. Again, sorry for laughing without truly understanding.

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