Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Unless there's some kind of 11th-hour renewal being devised, last night's season finale of LAW AND ORDER served as a decent-enough valedictory episode for the series' 20-year run.

I wish I could write reams of brilliantly articulate analysis of the show. Suffice to say that I began to be hooked on it around the summer of 1992, when I watched the late-night repeats on A&E.

And I've followed just about all of the series and spinoffs (excepting the CONVICTIONS one, where Dick Wolf seemed to be channeling EQUAL JUSTICE from two decades earlier) ever since--though SVU has devolved into over-the-topness for the past three seasons.

Hoping that the upcoming LAW AND ORDER: LOS ANGELES (nicknamed LOLA by the entertainment media) is an honorable carrying-forward of the franchise.

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