Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another sign of local poetry times in SoCal.

Stop me if you've heard something akin to this one before in your local poetry community:
So there's this long-time poet/host that I have some respect for and I just noticed that he's been studying
with this poet from a city adjacent to Orange County.  And I've been guilty in the past of saying things the LBC poet didn't want to hear--and he responded with a pithy remark calling me a talentless witless friendless turd.

But the poet I respect is more skilled at accepting the local scene as it is and is certainly trying to make the best of what's around.  And maybe the LBC poet will publish him in an anthology someday.

Ideally, the poet I respect should get a book deal from the LBC poet.

But since I'm a talentless witless friendless turd (allegedly), I have no say in the matter.

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