Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reporting from London.

I've been vacationing in London, GB, UK--which explains the silence of this blog for the past week.

There's been some rain here, plus sun and gorgeous weather as well.

Have seen the Cotswolds, Abbey Road studios, Blenheim Palace (where Churchill was born and Kenneth Branagh filmed some of HAMLET) and an ITV show called SING IF YOU CAN, which can best be described as obstacle-course karaoke (and the show that Chuck Barris never produced during his long TV career)

Noticing that English people still cling to their right to smoke in public; remembering that Joe Jackson (musician extraordinaire) has made a side career of complaining about what he regards as draconian NYC smoking bans.

A little bit of draconianism wouldn't hurt on this side of the pond.

That's all for now.  Looking forward to buying the new Lady Gaga and Blondie albums being released here today.

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