Sunday, May 8, 2011

Painted-pink donkeys, anonymous websites and me.

I can remember last summer when a poetry promoter/producer/poet and I discussed the Terry McCarty's War Against Humanity blog (something I refer to with grim tongue-in-cheek as my "nonfan club") at an Orange County poetry venue.

He offered to have someone with computer knowledge find out the identity of the anonymous WAH blogger.  Unfortunately, this never occurred.

More recently, I discussed this with someone else of high standing in the SoCal poetry community--and I was advised to get an attorney to send a letter to Wordpress (what the anonymous person uses to send his missives from).  I've thought of this--but can imagine Wordpress replying that nothing can be done because the blogger hasn't made actionable threats, just dropped loads of snark followed by links to specific posts of mine.

So, at this time, I feel a lot like the painted-pink donkey tethered last week on a busy street in Century City CA by the trendy Pink Taco restaurant.

But in that case, there's at least a name and a face linked to that offensive fiasco--Harry Morton, former playmate of Lindsay Lohan from the middle of the last decade.

The WAH blogger still hides--and won't be honorable enough to put his name on his blog and opinions.

On this blog, whether you like what I say or not, you know I take responsibility for it.

And this state of affairs proves that the SoCal poetry community isn't as much about poetry and community as it claims it is.

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