Friday, October 28, 2011

Explaining Southern California poetry to outsiders Part Two: the pressure to conform to majority beliefs.

Recycling a comment made to me last year by an ex-OC poet:
"[SoCal poets' names redacted] and others you have issues with have traveled the country and the world and have performed their words for micro cultures of many different sizes and creeds.. their opinions hold merit, and should really be LISTENED to..sure they should be taken with a grain of salt, but they have experience and have learned things about the poetic experience that you have not, and their opinions hold keys and things to be learned..ignoring that is just stupidity. why would you NOT be interested in their opinions??"

The opinion above is that person's opinion--and I'd like to think I'm free to disagree with it.

But, for community advancement, it's better to not disagree.

Just be quiet, don't argue, make friends--and perhaps, one day, your poetry may be found to have merit.

Even if you haven't already changed it to make it more acceptable to the people whose opinions should
really be LISTENED to.

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