Sunday, October 2, 2011

Re media coverage of--and responses to the Occupy protests.

It's safe to say that there are three essential responses by the mainstream media to demonstrations:
1. They're unseemly! 
2. They're full of all sorts of groups with different agendas!
3. Not THAT many people are out there demonstrating!

Here's a recent Glenn Greenwald article about responses to Occupy Wall Street:

Links to articles about Occupy Wall Street and Los Angeles protests:

Now, some observations from commenters on the KABC-7 website:
"A bunch of losers possessed with a sense of entitlement. Where's a firing squad when you need one?"
"The 60's was a FAD for me but it seems to be a lifestyle for these people... somehow they haven't grown past it!"
"Wow. That's the best negative comments you can make? Pathetic. My husband and many friends went today, they ALL have jobs and they ALL pay taxes. Corporations don't. That needs to change."

[UPDATE 10/4/11: Some more recent links to pro-and-con Occupy Wall Street articles:]

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