Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The right-wing San Francisco EXAMINER hates banker fraud almost as much as Occupy protesters.

The San Francisco EXAMINER is a free daily newspaper that, to put it subtly, tilts right.

On today's cover is a headline called USED AND ABUSED.
Underneath the headline is this text:
Taxpayers foot bill for bailout while SF bankers allegedly cooked books and deceived feds.

The article by Ari Burack starts out like this:
"San Francisco bank executives [of the former United Commercial Bank] cooked their books
and lied to auditors just before they accepted a $298 million taxpayer bailout, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.
They now have the distinction of being the first senior executives of a bank that received federal bailout
funds to be criminally charged [by the SEC] in connection with a scheme to defraud the government
and American taxpayers."

Something that the Left and Right could find some common cause about--one would hope.

Flip over to the editorial page and, again, there's a cartoon lampooning the Occupy movement.

Today, they're being described as Commies.

Here's the text of Nate Beeler's cartoon:
"All we are give the death of capitalism and a new era of Soviet-style repression and stasis that we won't call 'Communism' a chaaance!"

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