Saturday, March 24, 2012

Upscale West L.A. film audiences say the darndest things: reaction to THE DEEP BLUE SEA.

Pieced together from various Twitter posts I wrote late last night:

So I saw Terrence Davies' remake of THE DEEP BLUE SEA at upscale Landmark multiplex in West L.A. and audience generally hated it.
I didn't hate THE DEEP BLUE SEA--fine performances from Rachel Weisz and Tom "Loki" Hiddleston. But audience [despised] Terence Davies'....
.....attempts at 40s/50s stylization of the Terrence Rattigan play. So, the kind of laughing at the film and dialogue you wouldn't expect..
....from ostensibly sophisticated West L.A. young/middleaged/older audiences. My wife heard two younger women in restroom wondering aloud.. Daniel Craig could have allowed Rachel Weisz to play such a role. Wondering if the women saying this work in Hwd..
Wife and I both wondered if Terence Davies' earlier films (DISTANT VOICES STILL LIVES, LONG DAY CLOSES, HOUSE OF MIRTH) forgotten....
....or if Davies is super out-of-fashion with today's arthouse audiences.
Two elderly women were talking about THE DEEP BLUE SEA--but just about the use of songs by Jo Stafford/Eddie Fisher on the soundtrack.

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