Monday, March 19, 2012

Victor Infante tells you to be careful what you say.

I'm aware I'm eating a sort-of-rhetorical Lay's Potato Chip again by writing this post, but sometimes Mr. Infante can be a good columnist/blogger when talking about the wider world beyond the velvet-rope poetry/slam universe he inhabits.

The above column does manage to somehow work in a plug for sometimes-poetry colleague Amber Tamblyn, plus it contains this priceless passage:
"And you know what? I get it. There is something really cathartic about shouting someone down online. There really is."

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  1. Radius is a journal that will brook no dissention stemming from questioning whether rap music is actually poetry. To them, the question is "settled" and "dated" and they ONLY accept essays that confirms and explores how rap music is poetry.

    I thought that was pretty funny. So I would never read or submit to them. I like to hear all sides to a question.