Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fwd: For Max

Thanks to e amato for forwarding this via Facebook: Dear Family, Friends and Community:   On Saturday, June 2nd, Brenda Petrakos’ nephew, Max, was killed in a car accident.  The car he was traveling in with his mother and brother was hit by a drunk driver.  His mother and brother are in the hospital.  Max was 13 years old.   As many of you know, Brenda’s role in Max’s life went well beyond that of Aunt. This is a devastating time for her and her family.   Max was beloved.  He was insightful, smart, irreverent, creative – much like his Aunt.  He had a sweet spirit, a curious mind, and a perhaps odd addiction to Scrubs and Sanford and Son.   As a community, we have come together before to buoy those who need it, and steer people away from rough shores.  We are asking if we can do that again.   The family needs your prayers and support at this time.  They are also in need of financial assistance.   A funeral for Max may cost up to $10,000.  This is a burden that the family cannot bear.   We are asking for donations to raise the money so that Max may have a funeral.  He deserves one.  We must also raise this money as quickly as we can, and have set a goal of June 15th.   Donations may be made via PayPal  ( to  For those who prefer to write a check, or drop off cash, you may do so to:   Brenda Petrakos 1055 Lincoln Blvd., #2 Santa Monica, CA 90403   For more information, or questions, please feel free to contact me, or Marie Lecrivain:   E. Amato   Marie Lecrivain   We will do our best to post information about the funeral, and the fund.  We hope that you will help to share this message, as well as any future information about services for Max, with the community.  Those of you with venues, if you would be kind enough to either read an announcement and share the information, or post this to your lists, it would be much appreciated.   On behalf of the family, thank you so very much for your compassion.     Max's last performance at Downbeat 720 Youth Open Mic: Downbeat 720 on FB: Max's FB page:

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