Thursday, June 28, 2012

My list of best (and not quite so) 2012 movies from January-June.

Inspired by Jeffrey Wells' "half-time" post on HOLLYWOOD ELSEWHERE (, here's a list in no particular order of memorable films I've seen from the first half of 2012: MOONRISE KINGDOM, THE RAID: REDEMPTION, YOUR SISTER'S SISTER, BERNIE, THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT, THE DICTATOR, POLISSE, THE KID WITH A BIKE, THE AVENGERS, PROMETHEUS, JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME
Underachieving: SAFE HOUSE, SALMON FISHING ON THE YEMEN, DARK SHADOWS, BRAVE, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (though the director shows visual promise and is smart enough to steal from Akira Kurosawa)
Semi-guilty pleasure: ROCK OF AGES
Films I hope to catch up with: THE PIRATES!, WANDERLUST, PAUL WILLIAMS: STILL ALIVE, LOLA VERSUS, DAMSELS IN DISTRESS, MADAGASCAR 3, MISS BALA, MARGARET (uncut version to be released on DVD, counting this as a 2012 release)

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