Thursday, December 12, 2013

HOLLYWOOD ELSEWHERE commenter (in jest) suggests film titled SAVING JACK TORRENCE re THE SHINING.

From the HOLLYWOOD ELSEWHERE website of Jeffrey Wells, here's commenter "bastard in a basket":

Warner Brothers is currently in production on "Saving Jack Torrence." The film will detail the struggle between Stanley Kubrick and Stephen King regarding the adaptation of The Shining. There will be scenes of Kubrick screaming at King that having the hedge animals come alive in the movie will look stupid. There will be flashbacks to King's own personal battles with alcoholism with Kubrick in modern day screaming at King that explaining too much of Jack's backstory and his drinking problems will ruin the film. Finally, there will be an epilogue about how King can't stop bad mouthing the film 25 years later even though it's considered an all time classic and King gladly took the paycheck when selling the rights. Who will be cast is unknown at this point.

Link to this comment (plus the post about discord re the film SAVING MR. BANKS):

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