Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Year-End List Part Two.

Best half-hour series killed by HBO this year (tie): ENLIGHTENED and FAMILY TREE.
Half-hour series likely going out in glory as of season's end: PARKS AND RECREATION.
MVP of the year: Amy Adams, who manages almost single-handedly to keep portions of AMERICAN HUSTLE resonant.
Movie Star Cameo of year (multiple actors tie): ANCHORMAN 2.
Most likely to be overpraised performance of year: Jennifer Lawrence in AMERICAN HUSTLE.  Yes, she's fun to watch, but it's closer to SNL-sketch level than what Cathy Moriarty circa 1980-81 would have done with the role.
Most entertaining veteran male actor chewing scenery on cable TV this year: Jon Voight in RAY DONOVAN.

More to come...

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