Friday, December 27, 2013

Year-end list Part Three.

Underachieving films of 2013: WORLD WAR Z, THE LONE RANGER (not as terrible as consensus opinion would have you believe, but a warning unheard by Disney/Bruckheimer that not every story has to be blown out to Colossal status to work as a mass-entertainment movie), ELYSIUM (good, thoughtful first half before chase-and-shoot-and-repeat of the later portion), THE AMAZING BURT WONDERSTONE (the combination of Carell/Buscemi/Carrey/Arkin should have yielded more than a passable timekiller that will be forever repeated on TNT during the mid-2010s), DESPICABLE ME 2, MAN OF STEEL (filled with good casting and some effective scenes, but Zack Snyder's embrace of primitivism and superlong climaxes made for an awkward forced marriage by WB to Christopher Nolan--acting as producer here), PACIFIC RIM (not everything touched by Guillermo Del Toro turns to cinematic gold--although Del Toro's defenders did their best to, Godzilla-style, shriek and stomp over objections to the film when released theatrically).

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