Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another random comments post in homage to old Larry King USA TODAY columns.

1. The faux-French-film trailer for B.J. Novak's new book (with guest appearance from a colleague of his) is quite funny:

2. Hoping that Justin Bieber won't be the Amy Winehouse of his generation.

3. Regarding the current Rob Ford behaving badly video, both Ford's racism and the young man wanting Ford to be Canada's Prime Minister are disturbing.

4. Whatever one may think of Richard Sherman's post-game yelling when being interviewed by Erin Andrews on Sunday, he's certainly right to say afterwards that "thug" is the new white-person euphemism for the n-word.

5. Anderson Cooper, when substitute-hosting on KELLY AND MICHAEL this morning, made reference to Justin Bieber's Miami arrest as being part of his "Rumspringa year."

6. Earlier, I read this profile of actress Thora Birch (who had her most iconic role as Enid in 2001's GHOST WORLD) in London's GUARDIAN.  To me, she's been missed rather than forgotten:

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