Saturday, June 21, 2014

Eight mostly obscure Guilty Pleasure movies.

Check YouTube and/or IMDB for further information and possible clips.

In no specific order:
1. BUNNY O'HARE (1971)--Bette Davis and Ernest Borgnine as aging bank robbers who disguise themselves as hippies to pull off jobs in the Southwest.
2. THE MANITOU (1978)--One of the great unintended comedy classics, with Susan Strasberg as a woman with a mysterious growth on her neck, which turns out to be something Evil.  Also starring Tony Curtis, Ann Sothern and Michael Ansara.
3. THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN (1956)--Lon Chaney, Jr. as criminal "The Butcher" brought back to life by electricity.  Partially filmed in the old Bunker Hill neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles. 
4. A BULLET FOR PRETTY BOY (1970)--American International-released, 1930s-period gangster film with Fabian (billed as "Fabian Forte") as Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd.
5. SWITCHBLADE SISTERS (1975)--From cult director Jack Hill (best known for the Pam Grier films COFFY and FOXY BROWN), a lively drive-in film about a female gang.  Features the great line "It's gonna be baaaaaad."  Rescued from oblivion by Quentin Tarantino during his Rolling Thunder reissue period (aided by Miramax).
6. BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY (1979)--The pilot for the campy (only during its first season) NBC/Universal sci-fi series with Gil Gerard, Erin Gray and Pamela Hensley, given a brief theatrical release a few months before its telecast--with some mildly risqué dialogue ("I'm freezing my ball bearings off"--Twiki the robot) added to ensure a PG rating.
7. WHITE COMANCHE (1968)--Spanish/German Western with William Shatner in the title role.
8. GUNS OF A STRANGER (1973)--Western with occasional song interludes starring Marty Robbins as The Drifter, with supporting cast including veteran Chill Wills and Dovie Beams--the latter known for being the mistress of the late Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

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