Thursday, July 2, 2015


the South of the 70s
as filmed on the Warner Brothers backlot
with Waylon Jennings narration
and Catherine Bach wearing shorts
plus stockings to satisfy CBS censors
who didn't want America to see her
with bare legs
the Good Old Boy myth
with orange car named General Lee
Confederate Battle Flag on top
no one at Warner Brothers and CBS
thinking about the Civil War and what came after
just that the car's flag and name displays
were decorations
like the corporate endorsements
one sees today
on NASCAR drivers
Viacom pulls Bo and Luke
and Uncle Jesse and Daisy
and Boss Hogg and Roscoe and Cooter
from basic cable airwaves
while someone at Warner Brothers TV
wonders if it will be worth the cost
to spray CGI orange paint
covering up the flag
and the name of the Confederate general
or to lock the show in a vault or a salt mine
like many other now-toxic artifacts

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