Monday, July 20, 2015

More information about upcoming chapbook ONE VERSION OF THE SKY.

Here are the poems to be included in ONE VERSION OF THE SKY.  Some have appeared on this blog and/or Facebook in earlier versions prior to revisions/edits.

1. Prodigal Child
2  Albuquerque
3. Downtown Metropolis
4. Poem of Clubs
5. Texas Rain and its Aftermath
6. Oklahoma
7. If You Don't Like It, Leave
8. You Get So Alone, Indeed
9. Remembering Dallas
10. Charleston
11. RIP Dukes of Hazzard
12. Still Sad
13. No One Moves
14. Splintered
15. Not Quite Reconciled
16. Forgiveness
17. One Small Step
18. The View From 55

Print copies and e-book downloads will both debut in September.

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