Sunday, July 19, 2015

Public comments on Bill Cosby's alleged sexual assaults or "philandering ."

ATLANTIC Magazine commenters (link to article will be printed at end)
spudwhisperer wrote:
Cosby, once one of America’s most beloved actors and comedians, of sexual misbehavior...".
I notice that the MSM is for some reason now trying to mitigate Cosby's crimes and muddy the waters.
The guy had a modus operandi, according to victims' stories. He invited them to his hotel room or home, gave them a drink laced with some kind of powerful knockout drug, he raped them while unconscious, and when they woke up he was getting them dressed and out the door.
On ABC news yesterday, alternative MSM narrative emerging is that they were trying to paint was that Cosby was having "affairs and doing drugs" and somehow this was detrimental to his wholesome TV image.
They absolutely do not want people to focus on the actual facts, but rather on a much milder narrative.
OrchidLady replied :
They were in at least one case an "extra marital" affair. News agencies have to be cautious as to their wording because he's never been charged with a crime or admitted to one, nor has he lost in civil court. I think they're all trying to step lightly and paint it for what it appears to be, without coming out and calling him a serial rapist "allegedly."  This is from today:
Spudwhisperer replied:
Exactly- thank you. "Womanizing".
That's how ABC News is portraying slipping a knock-out drug into somebody's drink and raping them while they are unconscious and possibly in need of medical assistance.

ATLANTIC article "The Ugly Behavior of Bill Cosby" link:

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