Sunday, April 10, 2016

Former actor Jake Lloyd: The infinity loop of being bullied, acting out and being bullied again.

From a year ago, when Jake Lloyd (forever known as child Anakin Skywalker from STAR WARS I: THE PHANTOM MENACE) was arrested for reckless driving.

A particularly resonant passage:

I understand the scars bullying leaves on victims. Bullying destroys your self esteem. It shatters your ability to trust others. Everybody is suspicious in your eyes after years of the treatment. Anxiety disorders are common after the fact. Depression is a lock. Self destruction? It almost inevitably follows for many. Sadly literal self destruction is common.

Here's an update to Jake Lloyd's story:

On Twitter, "lazypadawan" wrote the following:
Jake Lloyd deserves the same compassion and deference accorded to Carrie Fisher. Lloyd had even less resources/support.

Another Twitter post, unfortunately, opted for more mockery. Here's Tyler Parrish being a public ass:

Jake Lloyd from Phantom Menace has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I'm assuming the voices he hears belong to movie critics.

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