Thursday, April 28, 2016

Poem NO FOOL LIKE THE DONALD--updated version.

SPY magazine
once called him "the short-fingered vulgarian"
it was the 80s
and most of us weren't ready to heed the warning:
it was easier to buy copies of
and read gossip about his relentless pursuits
of women, real estate and casinos

the GOP went dither dither:
he won’t stay around that long
but Trump trumped his opponents
and he was truly ratings catnip to cable news
with not enough people getting truly upset
at the rage, racism and violence at rallies

he’s the all-but-certain nominee
with the violent ex-basketball coach
praising him for “having the guts”
to drop the nuclear bomb

so now the fate of our nation
rests on how many people are either
angry enough to vote for a billionaire
who cares next to nothing about them
or nihilistic enough
to put a blustery reality-show tyrant
into the highest office in the land
for the demented fun of it

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