Tuesday, May 31, 2016

THE NATION's Joan Walsh on Trump playing Beat The Press.

I'm not ordinarily a fan of former SALON columnist/current MSNBC mainstay Joan Walsh (the eternal Democratic Party centrist), but this paragraph from her article for THE NATION is essential reading:
Sometimes it seems that the media gets more upset about Trump’s abuse of its own members than his slurs against Mexicans, Muslims, women, Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Vince Foster, and the handful of #NeverTrump Republicans who oppose him. Whatever it takes to prod more critical Trump coverage at this point, I’ll take it. Trump’s Tuesday meltdown was a new nadir of petulance and bullying, continued evidence of his inability to pivot to “presidential” behavior even after winning the delegates needed to become the nominee. This level of thin-skinned hysteria plays well with the GOP base; there’s no evidence it can win a majority of American voters. 

Entirety of article here: http://www.thenation.com/article/here-is-a-list-of-people-donald-trump-insulted-last-week/

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