Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New poem inspired by old song: LIFE DURING TRUMPTIME.

this ain't no party
this ain't no Chili's
this ain't no fooling around
this ain't no Trump Tower
this ain't no Mar A Lago
we don't have time for that now

we dress like cowboys
we dress like churchgoers
we all stand up and vote
we do not worry
about plagiarized speeches
it's all Hillary's fault

[repeat first verse]

don't want democracy
don't want free public college
just wanna open carry our guns
don't like working more for less
it just makes us stressed
marching up and down the streets

take us back Donald
carry us back to old America
make it okay to be bigoted again
don't wanna worry about political correctness
sensitivity is a sin

[repeat first verse]

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