Tuesday, July 12, 2016


New York is the real America
and the rest of us live in one big Outer Borough
learning the hard hard way
to treat democracy as a sort of treason
and civil disobedience as punishable by death
for we have no right to interfere
with the businesses that rule the world
and we have no business at all
penalizing successful people
when they allow their ugliness to show
which President of USNY will we choose:
the loud racist man who puts his last name on everything
or the woman who wants to keep giving war a chance
whatever they say now,
neither one of them give a damn about serfs--
only the landowners buying influence and power
and now it’s time
for us in New York Nation to be quiet
stop hoping for change
go to sleep early
and wander the Outer Boroughs
playing Pokemon Go
in hopes of qualifying
for the final championship
to be held at Times Square

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