Monday, July 11, 2016


he took the fragile state
of police/African American public relations
and stabbed it over and over
before the Dallas Police robot
bearing the death sentence of C4
dynamited him into the Lake of Fire
he gave television an easier story to tell
than the previous two days about
police shootings of black men
following the rules of their respective states
and carrying licensed legal weapons
he enabled cable news
to again display the narrative of
beleaguered good vs evil that comes out of nowhere
and show funerals, interfaith services and press conferences,
reducing airtime for conversations
about asking for misbehaving police
to be held accountable for their overreactions
and how this isn’t equal to
praising the police who engage with communities
instead of holding them in perpetual contempt
pull out the rusty knife-blade of Micah’s hatred
and return to attempting to understand
other people as people
instead of Others to be feared and hated and shot on sight

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