Friday, March 9, 2007

AMERICAN IDOL--the trainwreck with a heart.

The Fox empire is standing by its AMERICAN IDOL flagship.  And it's time for them to deflect any talk that race and/or perceived sexual desirability plays a role in deciding which female contestants are punished for past topless encounters with cameras and websites.

Antonella Barba (think Sofia Coppola with Hillary Swank's teeth) was eliminated from "The Top 12" last night.  I have my suspicions that America's vote might have been altered by Fox to provide a sort-of-graceful exit enabling the show to resume the usual formula stuff.

Next week, Diana Ross will be the guest star/mentor.  Curious if that means the Ford ad with IDOL stars will consist of them using a Ford automobile to run over a DVD screener copy of DREAMGIRLS and then cutting to a shot of Miss Ross beaming in approval?

Also, the show will attempt to slightly reduce poverty in Africa and America, mixing in a telethon late next month and trumpeting corporate contributions by its regular sponsors.  Bono's supposed to drop by (likely by satellite) for the telethon--obviously no rude questions about why the RED campaign (buy red shirts from THE GAP and get red AMEX cards) cost so much and has made so little money for the people it was designed to help.

And finally, the "throw them to the lions" carnival known as HANNITY AND COLMES showcased a VIEW clip of Rosie O'Donnell complaining about IDOL in order that Sean Hannity and a female guest could indulge in more Rosie-bashing.

As if Hannity isn't enough of a contemptible sexist to women who speak their minds (I remember a promo for Hannity's non-Colmes FoxNews show which had the title SEAN VS. CINDY, alerting us to the likelihood of Cindy Sheehan doing her best to talk about her son's death in Iraq and subequent activism while warding off Sean's WWE Smackdown talk.).

Take care and have a good weekend.  Remember to manually set your computer clocks Saturday night for Daylight Savings Time--The Expanded Edition.

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  1. "the show will attempt to slightly reduce poverty in Africa and America, mixing in a telethon late next month and trumpeting corporate contributions..."

    Oh God, there is nothing I hate more than checkwriting activism. Hollywood is anti suffering, but they still wear big old diamonds and succumbed to the pressure of the diamond industry to not push the movie blood diamonds to harshly.

    "Of course I'm still going to be a selfish asshole, but I don't wear fur anymore. I have a solar powered house. I'll write you a check, but diamonds, that's going a bit too far..."

    I seriously don't watch TV, but from the internet I get the gist of what you are saying. People seem to very much hate Rosie and it seems to be this odd double standards, if you're a guy you can be a complete asshole and its cool if you're a chick, well you're a complete cunt. I mean seriously how did Rosie come out the jerk in that thing between her and Donald, especially among so-called liberal Hollywood. Trump is an unapologetic capitalist bastard.

    While at times I think Rosie puts things in ways that I would never put things if I got a TV show. I think people calling her fat and saying she looks like a man is completely out of line.