Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Recommended books of local poets.

Being in a good mood from attending much of last night's Amsterdam Cafe reading, I'd like to be generous and positive towards the local community.  Here are several recommended chapbooks and full-length books that local poets have been involved with (I'll mention more poets and books in subsequent entries).  You can go onto as a resource in terms of finding some of them. 

Brendan Constantine-DANTE'S CASINO; Helena Lazaro-POEMS FOR THE DISCARDED;  Carlye Archibeque-E.C. ARCHIBEQUE LIVE AT THE COBALT; Chris Abani-HANDS WASHING WATER; Jack Shafer-THERE IS A SEASON; Harry Northrup-THE RAGGED VERTICAL; PoeticDiversity anthologies edited in part by Marie Lecrivain; G. Murray Thomas-COWS ON THE FREEWAY; THE OUTLAW BIBLE OF AMERICAN POETRY edited in part by S.A. Griffin; most anything by Ellyn Maybe, Jack Bowman and Don Kingfisher Campbell; Rick Lupert-LIZARD KING OF THE LAUNDROMAT, I'M A JEW, ARE YOU?, FEEDING HOLY CATS, MOWING FARGO and I'D LIKE TO BAKE YOUR GOODS; Teka Lark-Lo-SHE FORGOT TO BRING THE DRESSING AND OTHER L.A. TRAGEDIES; Sarah Maclay-WHORE; Joan Zoric-ZORIC; SO LUMINOUS THE WILDFLOWERS-edited by Mifanwy Kaiser and Paul Suntup for the Tebot Bach reading in Orange County.

Also, those wanting free anthologies of local poetry from the 90's to early 00's should go to Beyond Baroque in Venice and get copies of the former poetry publication BLUE SATELLITE, which was edited by Amelie Frank and Matthew Niblock.  They should be on a book cart in the lobby.


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