Wednesday, March 28, 2007

War with Iran whether we want it or not.

It looks like war with Iran is inevitable--and the soldiers-being-held pretext for Israel going into Lebanon will be used again.  Only this time, it's British sailors held by Iran.

Likely, this gives Tony Blair the excuse to deport a number of Middle Eastern citizens from Britain--whether or not they are legitimate security threats.

Likely, this gives George W. Bush and Dick Cheney the excuse to pull some troops from Iraq for redeployment in the case the bombing raids allegedly planned for Iran nuclear facilities don't provide the hoped-for cakewalk.

One final sobering thought--in a VANITY FAIR article last month, I read that some US authorities are actually considering the son of the late Shah as a controllable puppet should the current Iranian President be overthrown.

As that great philosopher Sting once said in a song title, "History Will Teach Us Nothing."

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