Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brendan Fraser: subject of one of the all-time great celebrity puff articles.

Brendan Fraser, occasional actor (GODS AND MONSTERS, THE QUIET AMERICAN, CRASH, SCHOOL TIES) and more-often Big Handsome Galoot leading man in CGI-stuffed extravaganzas (THE MUMMY series and the just-opened JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH) gets a huge puff piece in today's LOS ANGELES TIMES by stringer Michael Cardona:,0,6439830.story

This should keep Fraser's ego properly inflated, especially the phrase about the combined gross of his films.  It's safe to say that most moviegoers may like his amiable presence, but they go to films like THE MUMMY for reasons other than Brendan Fraser is toplining.  If Cardona's logic about Fraser as Reliable Star of Big Tentpole Movies had more than an ounce of truth, then Joe Dante's misfired-but-sometimes-funny LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION (which Fraser and Jenna Elfman co-starred in) would have been a worldwide smash.

Nice try, Mr. Cardona, but Brendan Fraser is no Will Smith.

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