Sunday, July 13, 2008

FOX NEWS and their tribute-of-sorts to Tony Snow.

Tony Snow presented an amiable face to the public (except when he was irritated by liberal contrarians; witness the time he sniped at Matt Taibbi on an episode of REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER last season) and he doled out Butch Administration propaganda adroitly enough, but I'm guessing he won't be given the sendoff by the mainstream media that Tim Russert (who was good at washing the feet of powerful people and occaisonally playing the role of  "tough journalist" by asking questions about inconsistent rhetoric on certain issues) received.

Yesterday, I turned to Fox News to watch a Butch Administration counsel (I believe it was Dan Bartlett) deliver a eulogizing phone call to whoever the male Saturday afternoon anchor was.

Then, a bumper appeared at the commercial break: WAS PHIL GRAMM RIGHT?  IS AMERICA A NATION OF WHINERS?

I can imagine Tony Snow appearing as a ghost to Roger Ailes; giving an All-American smile and then disappearing, ready to ascend the stairway to GOP Heaven--confident that lies and distortions in the name of a conservative dictatorship will still be doled out to people who think anything is true if it appears on television and caters to their fears and prejudices.

Update (7/15/08): RADAR magazine's website has provided a greatest-hits transcript collection of Tony Snow's dissembling and "handling" the press during his tenure as Press Secretary:

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