Monday, July 7, 2008

More random notes a la Larry King.

1.  Doesn't the Barack Obama that's "moving to the center" in punditspeak remind one of Peter Finch after being chastised for "meddling" by Ned Beatty's powerful CEO in the boardroom scene from 1976's NETWORK?

2. The guess around our house is that Madonna will get a divorce--but not until the STICKY AND SWEET tour is over.  No guesses as to whether A-Rod will be waiting for her.

3. If you're Christie Brinkley, it has to be a cruel humiliation to have a rich husband who is sufficiently unappreciative of being married to Christie Brinkley to go out and do the same kind of banal  extramarital activities that many married or cohabiting men engage in--though most cheaters can't afford $300K a la Peter Cook to keep their mistresses from talking.  It's safe to predict that if Christie decides to write (or have ghostwritten for her) a tell-all about being a betrayed fiftysomething supermodel, the book will be an inevitable best seller.


But I can't help but feel sad regarding the casual cruelty Brinkley and Cook's children will face from their peers in private school, as well as the likelihood of long-lensed photographers being tempted to shoot the kids' photos for TMZ or the print tabloids.

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