Monday, March 8, 2010

A couple of links to pieces on poetry from The Poetry Foundation.

Found these links from THE POETRY FOUNDATION's website ( ) by way of THE HUFFINGTON POST:

The above talks about poetry critics "going negative." In the small sphere I dwell in, that's already a reality. But the piece seems to plump for just-praise-only-and-ignore-the-rest.
Jim Behrle's piece is a bit long--and he wastes some time going into a conniption fit over Jewel's one-decade-ago poetry collection that Beau Sia did a better job of humorously skewering not long after the former was published. But Behrle manages to be disturbing (in the best way possible) and thoughtful--plus
he says some of the same things that I take baseball bats to the head for mentioning on this blog.

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