Saturday, September 10, 2011

Random thoughts after seeing THE HELP's Octavia Spencer on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO.

1. Octavia Spencer seems like a smart person doing a lot of eye-rolling, face-pulling schtick to make nice with "Middle America."
2. If Octavia Spencer wins a supporting actress Academy Award next year for THE HELP, then she'll use it for higher-salary leverage towards co-starring with Janet Jackson in Tyler Perry's WHY DID I GET MARRIED THREE.
3. Safe to guess what Eddie Murphy as Academy Awards host won't say next year if Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis both win Academy Awards....for playing maids (the time-honored role going back to the more overtly racist Hollywood days when even Billie Holiday in a rare acting appearance in the 1940s was cast as a domestic servant).
4. Safe to guess what Chris Rock might have said if he had been allowed to host the 2012 Academy Awards.
5. I'm sorry, but I can't bring myself to see THE HELP.  It looked like a big cartoon mess from the trailer--and the clip with Ms. Spencer, Ms. Davis and Emma Stone on last night's TONIGHT SHOW didn't alter my opinion at all.
6. I'm really sorry, but it's hard for me to wrap my mind around what's so allegedly uplifting about a film climaxing with a sequence involving a pie made from excrement.  Guessing, though, that the aforementioned scene gets PORKY's-sized laughs and cheers from most audience members.

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