Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meaningful words from commenter on NEW YORK magazine factoid about Meredith Vieira's return to NBC.

Here's commenter JWFS on the above post:
who cares? my therapist tells me not to get "involved " in other people's lives--like meredith viera--"get your own life" --she is right-- i have kind of am empty life and have found gossip and interest in what "meredith is doing" a way to fill the hole-- who really cares what meredith is doing? the world around is collapsing around us--- when i take media "fasts" i am a much happier person--otherwise i get swallowed up by useless information

And here's what Elton John said about all this stuff 23 years ago (though the song GOODBYE MARLON BRANDO gets a literal-minded video treatment here):

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